Online Therapy Essentials

Everything you ever wanted to know about online therapy, but had the good sense not to ask. In this section, we'll examine how face-to-face psychotherapy and online therapy are meaningfully different. If you prefer, you can impetuously skip this section and proceed unenlightened to the preparation and launch of your first Headworks email.

What is online therapy?

Simply put, using the Internet for therapeutic interactions is called online therapy. As you might imagine, there are many ways one might go about that; any mode of communication has the potential for therapeutic interactions. Today, email exchanges are by far the most common form of online therapy, with video connections, such as Skype, gaining in popularity. Looking to the future, we can almost certainly expect new forms of online therapy to emerge as the Internet continues to evolve.

Like the technologies that support it, online therapy is an evolving, state-of-the-art fronteer; it offers new modes of therapeutic interaction, each with its own distinctive set of features. All that newness means that online therapy is more experimental, than not. It will take time to delineate the potential and limitations of this new realm, it will take time to develop the techniques that work best for a client who might well be — on the other side of the world. Despite the very real uncertainties, one reality is becoming increasingly clear: for those with a pioneering spirit, online therapy has a great deal to offer.

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