working online If words can hurt, words can heal.

In the wild-west days of the Web, Headworks was an oasis where visitors could find free self-help information. It was also a gateway to email therapy for those who desired it. Now that I have retired from providing psychotherapy, I would like to sincerely thank all my former clients for sharing part of their adventure with me. It has been an honor, and a pleasure. And I wish you all the very best and brightest future.

I was drawn to Psychology because I wanted to better understand the mind. As a therapist for many years, I worked as a sort of mental engineer, helping clients restructure how their minds functioned. But all the while, I harbored a deeply felt desire to understand the fundamental nature of mind. What in the world is it? Where does it come from? Questions like these have bedeviled philosophers and scientists since forever. Now that I am retired I have had a little time to refocus on thinking about these big questions. The results are posted in a blog you can access by clicking on the butterfly. Or you can sneak on over to Richard for a prettier presentation. Have fun!

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