working online If words can hurt, words can heal.

In the wild-west days of the Web, Headworks was an oasis where visitors could find free self-help information. It was also a gateway to email therapy for those who desired it. As more and more therapists came online, the need for Headworks passed. It has now been repurposed. The reason I became interested in Psychology, in the first place, was because I wanted to understand what the mind is. As a therapist for many years I have worked as a mental engineer, helping clients restructure how their minds functioned. But I did not get to the fundamental nature of mind. What is it? Where does it come from? Questions like these have bedeviled philosophers and scientists since forever. Having recently retired I have had a little time to refocus on thinking about these big questions. The results are posted in a blog you can access by clicking on the butterfly. Or you can sneak on over to Richard for a prettier presentation. Have fun!

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