A Song Your Brain Sings

We have been characterizing mind as an electromagnetic field, and that’s almost right. Actually, the mind is a dynamic pattern that rides on the electromagnetic field created by the brain. In short, your mind is a song your brain sings. The “notes” in that song-that-is-you are values of an electromagnetic field, spread across space and time. In other words, your mind is a temporal pattern in an electromagnetic field. An analogy might be The Mormon Tabernacle Choir as a model of the cortical columns in your brain, with each member singing its part, contributing to the whole. It would be more accurate, but less punchy, to say that the varying electromagnetic field around your cortex is the measurable footprint of your mind. That makes it the objective aspect of mind. The objective aspect is the view from the outside. For example, the objective aspect of a house is the view from outside the house. Your experience is the subjective aspect, the view from inside the house. Your mind, then, is the experience of what it’s like to be an electromagnetic song your brain sings. One of the features of a song is that the same song can be played on different instruments, or sung by different singers. Isn’t that interesting? Might it be possible that the song-that-is-you could be sung by an instrument that is not biological?

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