Consider a common iron nail and its obvious material aspect. We know what will happen if we bring a powerful permanent magnet close to such a nail: the nail will move to the magnet. What makes that happen? The immaterial aspect of the magnet interacts with the immaterial aspect of the nail, combining and drawing them together. How? The immaterial magnetic field of the magnet aligns the material atoms in the nail, creating a magnetic field in the nail. The two magnetic fields exert attractive forces on one another. Because the material and immaterial are merely different aspects of the same reality, the immaterial forces are also felt by the material aspect of the magnet and nail, resulting in physical(material) position change. This could well be the sort of interaction through which the immaterial mind causes changes in the material body/brain: the large complex field that may be the measurable footprint of mind exerts top-down influences on the more local fields and thereby changes the material aspect of neuronal circuits. Am I suggesting that mind is related to some sort of electromagnetic field? Yes, I am. But much more on this later.

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